Why should I get a facial treatment?

A facial is more than just getting a mask and a massage, its a chance for you to check in with a skin expert…me! Through an initial skin consultation we can examine what the skin needs, if your skincare routine is suited for your skin type and together create a plan so you can achieve your skin goals. Post treatment we can look at adjusting your skincare at home, with salon grade skincare products. During the treatment, I use a combination of holistic techniques and advanced technology in order to achieve radiant skin and a calm mind. If healthy skin is your goal, then a skincare professional can benefit you.

What is the difference in facial treatments?

No treatment will ever be exactly the same, as during the skin analysis I will assess what the skin requires and create an individual treatment for you. However for clarity, I have created a list of treatments on my bookings page. Please click here for further information.

Why have you chosen the products you use?

The skincare I use during my treatments is carefully selected and extensively researched. I also offer these brands as a skincare stockist. Anything that is not available on my website I am happy to order in for you. I use Environ, QMS Medicosmetics, Dermaviduals and my natural, probiotic option is Esse Skincare. This provides me with a line up of skincare that will suit everyone’s needs.

How should I prepare for my facial?

Please write down what skincare you are using, if you have any medical issues or any sensitivity issues that I may need to know about before we start the treatment. Please come wearing no makeup, and avoid getting any of the following beauty treatments beforehand: Botox & Filler 7-10 days Eye Lash Tint - 2 days Facial Waxing 2-3 days Blow Dry

What is QMS skincare?

QMS Medicosmetics helps to boost skin regeneration with collagen-enhancing processes. The products are highly effective but also suitable for those with sensitive skin types.

What is Environ Skincare?

Environ is cosmeceutical brand that is based on active ingredients that give optimum penetration. It uses a unique step up system of vitamin A (retinol), allowing the skin to gradually prepare for higher doses. This is a results driven skincare brand. Environ has a fantastic treatment using sonophoreisis and galvanic current to create a non invasive vitamin infusion for the skin.

What is facial acupuncture? And would it be suited to me?

Facial acupuncture is a wonderful treatment that triggers the bodies natural healing response. It works well for fine lines and wrinkles, acne spots and pigmentation. It also is a very relaxing treatment using the meridians lines o balance the body. This is perfect for those feeling stressed out and in need of grounding.

What should I not do after my facial?

Avoid hitting the gym for about 24 hours, you can take a break from exfoliating for 48 hours. Avoid wearing make up for 24 hours as your skin will be more sensitive.

What is included in my facial treatment?

I combine holistic techniques with advanced technology but I will always try to be flexible to your needs. I love to use my hands, so if you are someone looking for a machine driven facial then maybe I am not for you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t combine electrical facials . I like to do a bit of both. Expect any of the following… Facial massage, foot massage, Gua Sha massage, radiofrequency, sonophoresis, galvanic current, electrical muscle stimulation, aliginate mask, sk-alpha mask, facial acupuncture, derma rolling, LED light.

What is Esse Skincare?

Esse Probiotic Skincare is a natural brand with a difference. Using live probiotics to rewind the skin, it protects and restores balance in the skins microbiome. Organic, vegan, cruelty free and carbon neutral. Ideal for those with barrier disordered skin, pregnant or people looking to avoid synthetic ingredients.

What is Dermaviduals Skincare?

Dermaviduals understands that each skin is unique and in need of a truly tailored experience for all skin types and conditions. You’ll find premium solutions for normal, sensitive and particularly problem skin susceptible to barrier disorders. Using many forms of tinctures and serums, we can create a perfect formulation tailor made to your skin.